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Argh! I can't login
Passwords are always case-sensitive, check the keyboard 'Caps Lock' light.
If you recently received a notice from ISS asking you to change your password and you ignored it, the problem could be that your password has expired. If so, you may be able to change it here or you can login at a PC in the library or public lab (when you will be prompted to change your password if it is necessary) or you can go to the ISS Service Desk (take your Library card with you). If ISS reset your password you have to reset it again yourself before it will work over the web.
It is possible that you are trying to login to a web site on the server that you should not have access to. If you know the site is the correct one and think you should have access please contact
If you are using Internet Explorer it must NOT be set to "Anonymous login" in Tools, Internet Options, Security.

Central Services
Other central systems and services you may be interested in include:
Student Webmail, Student Support, The Library, ISS

Contacting LT Support
If you have a problem with a web site listed here, please complete a problem report form (see the 'Report a problem' link on this page). If you can't complete the form, we'll need to know as much as possible about the problem however you contact us, for instance:
+ who you are (specially if you don't use a Lancaster University email address)
+ the department or course title or mnemonic, e.g. Geog307, if applicable
+ the web site you are trying to use (the address / URL)
+ the login name you are using, note: do NOT send us your password
+ what is wrong, e.g. can't find the URL, can't login, web site misbehaving etc
+ your Web browser and version, e.g. 'Internet Explorer 5.0'

I've forgotten my Windows login and/or password
ISS Service Desk (Ground floor of the library) can tell you what your Windows network login name is and can reset your NT password. Take your library card with you.

I can't login from my room on campus
You must change the original password that was assigned to your Windows network login before it can be used to login to a web site.
Solution: Login to Windows in the library or a public lab and Windows will automatically request a password change if one is required. Once the password has been changed it will work from the library, a lab or a networked study bedroom.
The same solution should work if you change your password from a study room too but we have not been able to verify that.
To change your Windows password, login and then press Ctrl and Alt and Del simultaneously.

I can't login to any of the sites I need
Access to course web sites is based on the student records database maintained by Student Registry. If you have only recently registered for a course or you have just switched courses, you may get access automatically as the computer records are updated. If other people on the course can login to the course web site(s), please ask your course tutor or contact LT Support to check why you can't login.

I can login on campus but not from home
Sites on that prompt you to login require your Windows network login name and password.
Logging in from off-campus is just the same as logging in from a PC connected to the university network.
If you can login on campus but not from home check that your browser is not configured to automatically send a password that's been changed or a password for some other network (like AOL or Freeserve)

I can login to some sites but not site X
Your login may not have been given access to site 'x'. Most sites, specially course-related ones, are restricted to authorised people. If you think you should have access to one of the sites listed, contact LT Support by email at

KTRU-MAIN is a web server that does NOT recognise Windows passwords. If you have a login on KTRU-MAIN, the password can normally be changed here (provided that you know what it is now)
If you are a student based at Lancaster University, you probably won't need to login to any web sites on KTRU-MAIN. You are most likely to need to login to a web site on KTRU-MAIN if you are a student based away from Lancaster or you aren't a Lancaster student or lecturer.

My network login is working but I can't login to my web site
A Windows network login is not enough, you must also be in the access list for the web site. If there is a web site for any of your courses, you will probably be registered automatically. If other people on your course can login and you can't, please contact LT Support.

Repeated login prompts
Normally you will only be prompted to login once per session. You may prompted again if you try to do something that your current login does not have sufficient access for. Occasionally you may be prompted to login time after time, this usually means that your browser is 'confused' and should be re-started. Occasionally it can help to switch your computer off and on again.
If you are browsing from on campus or using the university dial-up service, check that your browser is configured as ISS recommends.

There seems to be something wrong with the web site I'm using
If you find a web site that is not working as you expect, e.g. you see a 'not authenticated' or 'not authorised' message when you try to submit a new message or edit one of your earlier messages, please contact LT Support so that we can investigate
(see the 'Report a problem' link on this page).

Usually I can login but occasionally the server is unavailable
Learning Technology Support hosts Web sites on two web servers, one for people with a Lancaster University network login and another for those without. One server is unavailable due to system backups (each weekday 4am - 5am UK time) and may occasionally be unavailable for short periods on Wednesday afternoons if systems work is required.
The campus network is occasionally unavailable on Tuesday mornings from 8am.

What are my login name and password?
- if the site URL begins 'http://domino', use your Windows network login name and password
- if you are asked for a 'domain', enter 'lancs'
If you are a Lancaster University student but you don't know your Windows network login details, contact the ISS Service Desk on the ground floor of the library.
- if the site URL begins 'http://ktru-main' or 'http://notes', your Windows login details will not work; you need other login details that your course tutor should provide, if you don't have a tutor, contact LT Support.

What should I do if I am not using a fast internet connection?
If you working on a slow internet connection (i.e. not broadband), you may find that tasks like uploading documents or posting large pieces of text might take a long time. Therefore the server may timeout before the task is completed and you may be asked to login again. This could result in you losing all your work!
So, we suggest that you type your work in a word processing tool (like MS Word) and save your work. When you are ready to post your work, you could copy the comments from your document and past them into LUVLE (if you are posting comments).
If you are attaching a word comment, please make sure that you have a saved/up-to-date copy on your computer before attempting to upload your file into LUVLE.

Why do I get login prompts when clicking on Office documents?
Why am I asked to log in AGAIN when I try to access a Word or PowerPoint document?
Sometimes you get asked for your username and password AGAIN when you try to open a Microsoft Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, even though you've already logged in.
This is not the same login, or indeed a real login, it's a bug in the copy of Microsoft Office on your PC. Your PC thinks the Word document or PowerPoint presentation is password protected, but it isn't.
If This Happens simply click cancel when asked for your username and password and you will get access to the document or presentation.
You can avoid these additional login prompts by patching your version of Microsoft Office, contact the ISS Service Desk for details,

Why do I get login prompts when using Windows Media Player?
When downloading an audio file using windows media player it may prompt you to put your network username and password again. This is because windows media player is trying to connect to the web browser and then back to the protected files in wmp. There is presently no solution to this problem; however as an alternative you could try using Real Player as your default player for audio as this does not prompt for username and password.

Why do I need to login anyway?
Not all sites listed here require a login. Most sites concerning courses, modules etc. do require a login because the web site needs to record who writes what and may need to limit what certain people can see ... you have to login so that the web site can identify you.

My Modules

Your My Modules page lists all the modules that you are registered for and the LUVLE sites available for you to use, related to the modules you are taking. There are also links to module evaluations, online assessments and possibly your timetable.

Login to My Modules

MyPlace and MyPGR

MyPlace is your private and social web space to record and share reflections on your learning, explore your goals and aspirations, think about future careers, and support your personal development.

MyPGR is for research students and their supervisors.

Want to know more about learning online?

There is a web forum for all students where you can learn how to get more from e-learning.

There is also a LUVLE site with access for all staff to post questions and share information about the use of the e-learning tools and applications available here at Lancaster.

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